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Chocolate Dings

12 Chocolate Dings.
Movie/television star and local Boston comedian, Lenny Clarke had a few choice words to say about Trudie’s Treats Chocolate Dings. I was vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard and I left some Dings with Stanley (the owner of Menemsha Fish Market) and asked him to give some to Lenny and his wife. Menemsha is a small fishing village and I was sure they would receive them. On Monday morning, when I returned to work I had a message from Lenny: ”I don’t know who you people are, but that was the best f***n all-natural ding I ever had! You guys at Trudie’s Treats rock!” He left his phone number and we have been friends ever since. I will never forget that phone call! Even after losing a drastic amount of weight, he still will sneak one in. They are that good! This rich chocolate cake, filled with Nana Mae’s whoopie pie filling then encased in a dark chocolate coating, is simply irresistible.